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Many organizations easily identify “what” they must do to be successful, but may lack clarity on “how” to accomplish the goals.  There may be a need to align the leaders with the business and the culture in order to deliver on the business strategy of the organization. 

During a Thomas Excutive Team Development/Workshop the following areas below are covered:

  • Understanding DISC and review of Personal Profile Analysis Reports, personal management style and impact on peers and employees 

  • Leadership Agility 

  • Interacting with others

  • Team Culture Analysis and aligning the Executive Team with the Ideal Team Culture to drive the business forward

  • Develop “behaviors in action” for Key Success Factors

Following is an outline of typical outcomes for those in leadership roles:

  • Have a clear understanding of the business strategy and culture and why it is needed

  • Take ownership and develop action plans for what they need to do differently to achieve the business objectives

  • Learn to deal with negative feedback and potential push back from peers and employees

  • Gain a better understanding of their own management and coaching styles

  • Learn how to “speed-read” people and situations and then flex their style appropriately

  • Understand how to manage and coach others based on their behavioral style, which may be different from the leader’s own style

  • Learn how to give and receive feedback to enhance communication 


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