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"Great companies know a thing or two about customer chemistry because they cultivate it actively from the inside out. Customer chemistry takes business to another level that is at once more personal and satisfying. Customer chemistry means never taking another customer relationship for granted."

Customer Chemistry by Mary Naylor and Susan Greco


Many sales organizations easily identify “what” they must do to be successful, but may lack clarity on “how” to accomplish their goals.  There may be a need to align their sales leaders and sales professionals with the business strategy of the organization. 

During a Thomas Sales Team Development Workshop the following areas are covered:

  • Key Success Factors for Sales Effectiveness at your Company

  • Understanding DISC and review of Personal Profile Analysis Reports, personal sales style and impact on peers, clients and prospects

  • Sales Agility

  • Interacting with Others – Speed-Reading

  • Develop “behaviors in action” for top five Key Success Factors

  • Client Relationship Management using the Customer Reading Profiling Tool

  • Developing Sales Strategies for key/challenging prospects and clients

Following is an outline of typical outcomes for workshop attendees:

  • Have a clear understanding of the sales strategy and culture and how it aligns with the business strategy

  • Enhanced self-awareness in terms of sales style and impact on clients

  • Learn how to “speed-read” people and situations and then flex their style appropriately

  • Improved internal relationships between sales and other teams/ departments

  • Apply the Customer Reading Tool to prospect and client meetings to improve close rate and revenue volumes

  • Simple Reference Cards that can be used in preparation and review of sales calls

  • Managers gain insights into what makes their sales professionals tick and what ticks them off , for coaching and performance management


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