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If you are struggling to select the best franchisee, Thomas International can help. Thomas International is a global company and leader and specialist in talent management tools and has a proven track record of over 50 years in the assessment business. Located in over 50 countries we offer our franchisee assessment in over 50 languages.

With the Thomas PPA behavior profile (personality test) you can accurately and objectively assess a franchisee in minutes and have the results at your fingertips.

We have found through processing millions of profiles that different cultures represent different franchisee profiles. We do not provide a cookie-cutter process rather we look at YOUR culture, what makes for a successful franchisee for YOU... as it will be different from one franchise operation to the next.

Don't try to select your franchisees from a box. The type of franchisee you are looking for will depend on many factors. For example, you must take into account the size of the franchise/store - does a successful franchisee need a wide scope of operation or concentration in one area? Size of the staff - is the franchisee on the front line or is the franchisee managing staff? Nature of operation - Do you require a franchisee that will follow processes and procedures? Or do you want a true entrepreneur that operates independently of processes?

An individual's natural behavioral styles such as drive for results, activity level, ability to multitask or follow through, ability to influence and persuade, customer service skills, management skills, etc., predict the success of a franchisee. By measuring a person's natural behavioral style we can predict how they will behave in your culture, which relates to job satisfaction and success.

Franchisors already look at finances, business experience and perform background checks, but assessing management style and people skills are often overlooked. Quite often, it is a person's behaviors that cause their departure... perhaps they do not have the drive to achieve, perhaps they don't have the compliance to follow your system, or perhaps they put on a poor public display... both scenarios are costly to you!

The Thomas DISC Profile System is designed to assess the ideal franchisee profile based on the success of franchisees in your culture. This allows you to measure the behaviors of your franchisees. The failure of a franchisee can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! That does not include the lost opportunity, stress and frustration, negative exposure, and legal issues. Not only are you making the right selection for yourself, but also for the franchisee candidate who will be investing into your franchise. It is worth it to pay a minimal amount up front to find the right franchisee.

You will select franchisee candidates that resemble your most successful franchisees and you will be objective and accurate in your assessment. Not only will you recruit successful franchisees, you will provide a training analysis which describes the training needs specific to the individual in order to enhance their performance as a franchisee.

The Thomas DISC Profile System will provide you with easy-to-read and easy-to-apply reports that provide valuable insights into the work behavioral style, which relates to job satisfaction and success of the franchisee candidate. Reports include information about the candidate's management style, customer service ability, candidate's behavior profile (personality test) compared to what the job requires, training needs analysis and a feedback report for the candidate.


We can work with you in a number of different ways depending on your needs.

  • IN-HOUSE SYSTEM: for franchisors that have high volume profiling needs, we can provide you with a system that you can run in-house. We provide you with certification training and all the tools necessary to take complete control of the system. We also provide superior technical and consultancy support.

  • PAY-AS-YOU-GO: for franchiseors that don't want to run the system internally, we can run the reports for you on a pay-as-you-go basis. You supply us with the name and email address of the candidate and we provide them with the questionnaire. Once the candidate completes the questionnaire, we email the results to you in PDF form. A Thomas analyst is always available to go over the results with you.

The process is tailored to your needs and one or all of these methods can be used. You can use a pay-as-you-go method for monthly invoicing or you can purchase your own system for cost savings and convenience

Assessing Management Skills
In any organization, people are your best assets. An organization and its products are only as good as its employees. How franchisees treat their employees is important. You can determine a franchisee's management style to ensure it is ideal for your franchise.

Providing Value Added Service to Your Franchisees
Using the Thomas DISC System you can help your Franchisees select the right people for the job. You can provide a How to Manage Report as an added value service to your franchisees to allow them to optimally manage their employees. When employees are valued and treated well you will find low turnover, high productivity, happy employees, happy customers and increased profitability.


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