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"My truck driver recruitment strategy isn’t working. The truck drivers I’m recruiting are leaving at an alarming rate. With the current truck driver shortage they are very difficult to retain. This is costing my company millions of dollars."

At Thomas International USA, we understand how you feel. These are just some of the challenges most trucking organizations face:

  • Attractive compensation packages offered by competitors

  • Attendance and discipline issues

  • Truck driver shortage

  • Increase in retiring drivers

  • Lack of trucking experience among new drivers

Any one of these challenges can add to expensive turnover and result in a failure to deliver on your service commitments to your clients. Our studies show that successful drivers that are retained have some or all of the following qualities:

  • Content to stay in a vehicle for long periods of time

  • Work at a steady and procedural pace

  • Rule oriented and adhere to company policies

  • Patient and reliable

  • Are risk-averse

  • Can concentrate and are not easily distracted

  • Non-aggressive behaviors

Thomas International’s Truck Driver Job Description process identifies those unique traits that differentiate your top performing truck drivers from the rest. The process begins with you selecting the ideal qualities for success, in the truck driver role, at your organization. The ideal qualities are assessed using a DISC-based job assessment / job evaluation tool. Top performers who are currently in the role are then assessed using a DISC-based personality test or behavioral assessment.

Trends from your top performing truck drivers are collected and meshed with the ideal qualities from the job assessment. The result is a truck driver job standard. Some trucking organizations create multiple Truck Driver Job Descriptions since the behaviors for a long haul driver are typically different than the behaviors of a short haul/city driver. The Thomas International Truck Driver Job Description process work well within government guidelines for assessments and fits easily into your current process.

With your Truck Driver Job Description established it is possible to assess all future candidates utilizing our DISC-based pre-employment personality test. By assessing future candidates against your Truck Driver Job Description, you will understand how closely they fit your role. You can also determine training needed to close any performance gaps. Managers and dispatchers can use the Truck Driver Job Description to effectively manage both existing and new drivers. The Thomas International Truck Driver Job Description process can reduce turnover and help you select the best possible drivers during the current truck driver shortage. This process can also be applied to other roles, such as:

  • Courier drivers

  • Bus and transit drivers

  • Taxi cab drivers

  • Other professional drivers

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