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All users must be certified to use and apply the Thomas DISC / GIA Systems and assessment tools responsibly and effectively within legal guidelines. Our experienced consultants provide facilitation and support. We offer regular training in various locations across North America. Training is also available internationally in over 50 countries.

PPA DISC Certification Training

The PPA DISC certification training is a two-day course that will teach you the mechanics of the DISC system, what it can do for your people, and how it can help your business. It explains the background and theory of the system and the terminology used.

The PPA DISC Certification Training equips you with practical skills such as how to read a PPA personality test, how to give feedback and how you can modify your behavior to manage your team. You will also learn how to administer the assessments, when to use the reports and how to apply the Thomas DISC system to benefit your organization.

Each participant receives a pre- and post- course tutorial with their consultant so you can confidently use the software, website and the reports to start impacting your business positively. Our consultants work with clients on an ongoing basis to develop the application of the system to support your human resource and business strategy.

GIA Aptitude Test Certification

This one day course reviews the tests in depth, and teaches proper administration and interpretation of results. Use of the GIA aptitude test in conjunction with the GIA personality profile and job benchmarking is covered.

TEIQue Certification

Highlights of the 2 Day TEIQue Agenda

  • Understanding TEIQue, and what it measures
  • Assessing the Emotional Intelligence demands of a role or applications like: change management, high potential development, requirements for succession
  • Building skills in interpreting and providing meaningful feedback
    for the TEIQue report
  • Identifying strategies to develop TEIQue facets

Team Culture Analysis Training

Your Thomas consultant will provide this three-hour complimentary training as a tutorial after the PPA DISC Certification Training. It teaches you how to complete the Ideal Team Culture Analysis questionnaire or Team Create with a manager or team.

You will learn how to use the Team Audit as a development and diagnostic report with the manager or the entire team. This training covers the nine team role factors found in the report and their application to team work. It enables the trained user to build on their knowledge and further apply behavioral analysis to team development, with a view to helping team members optimize on their strengths and respect their differences.


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