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360 Feedback Thomas360 is part of our web based assessment portfolio. There are two types of 360 instruments available, one for Leadership and one for Sales.

Our Thomas 360 tools each have 9 competencies which are tested with 5 statements per competency. The recipient raters order the competencies by importance for the role and the organization’s needs.

The administrator selects the recipient who will go through the Thomas360 and then nominates the people who will provide the feedback (the raters).

The system allows for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 25 raters, who can be: peers, managers, team members, direct reports and even customers. The administrator sends electronic invitations to the candidate and all respondents to complete the 360 feedback online.

As soon as all questionnaires are completed the administrator generates the 360 Report (printed or e-mailed) and sets up time with the recipient to debrief the 360 feedback report.


  • Multi-source feedback to an individual
  • Online and anonymous
  • Raises individual self-awareness
  • Individual understands their impact on others
  • Opportunity to "see yourself as others see you"
  • Identifies areas to develop for effectivenesss


  • Personal Development; Enhance self-awareness; Provide clarity in direction; Align individuals with their role and guide career planning
  • Performance Management; Part of the appraisal process to develop the individual
  • Company Leadership / Sales Strength Benchmarking: assessing collective results
    for trends and opportunities
  • Coaching; Foundation data to accelerate the coach’s ability to focus coaching sessions
  • In combination with PPA for a well-rounded evaluation; Comparison against the Personal
    Profile Analysis assessment, which is self referencing
  • Succession Planning; Identify people who can operate at the next level
  • Development Programs; Use 360 data to develop applicable and relevant programs and

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