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- Application: Leadership Assessment-

"Many of the people we are moving into management positions are failing."

This is a common challenge in organizations today. The best performer in a role is not always the best candidate for a leadership position. Managing the complexities of business and people requires a unique skill set which includes:

  • Delegating effectively

  • Positive approach when dealing with conflict

  • Getting others to do what you need them to do

  • Inspiring and engaging team members

  • Ease in interacting with people at all levels

  • Clearly communicating a shared vision even when times are tough

  • Delegating technical or specialist areas to others

Often when companies identify high potentials for succession planning purposes, they fail to assess their candidates against the leadership competencies required for promotion. In essence, companies set people up to fail in leadership positions.

"While our managers and leaders are technically competent, their inability to manage and motivate others is causing turnover and low morale."

It is imperative to assess management and leadership skills when filling a position that requires the management and leading of others. The PPA personality test is a powerful tool that takes 10-15 minutes to complete online and can accurately and objectively identify an individual's leadership behavior and natural management style. The accompanying Management Audit and Strengths and Limitations reports provide further details about critical leadership competencies. This way an organization can identify, upfront, the type of leaders they have, the suitability of fit with the role and the necessary training and support required for success.

Furthermore, the Management Audit, Training Needs, and Strengths and Limitations reports can be used for self-directed learning by a leader in training to enhance understanding of:

  • Their natural management style

  • Their leadership impact on others

  • Leadership gaps

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