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Job Job Profiling enables you to quickly and effectively assess any job at any level in your organization. This provides you with a standard against which to measure candidates' job fit, and an ideal for developing current employees in the role or those transitioning into the role.

You have the choice of two job profiling tools: the Human Job Analysis (HJA) and Job Create.

The HJA is an in-depth online questionnaire, and Job Create is a time-efficient interactive online tool. Both capture the ideal behavioral requirements for the role, within the organizational culture, and align jobs with business strategy. Job Profiling can be completed individually or in a group. Group collaboration and discussion is valuable to get the stakeholders of the role aligned in their vision of the behavioral requirements.

Job Profiling is a key consideration when assessing candidates for job fit, as it ensures that you are comparing candidates to job criteria, versus “candidate to candidate” which could be perceived as discriminatory. The Goodness of Fit score of a candidate against the role quantifies job fit. This provides an objective basis for understanding candidate gaps, their implications and the likely training and support that will be required to close any gaps, to ensure the candidate performs optimally in the role.


  • Applies to any job across the organization
  • Captures your unique requirements for the role
  • Provides a consistent way to identify and understand behavior competencies
  • Jobs align with your business strategy and culture
  • Easy to compare a candidate to a role for job fit
  • Tools and reports quantify job fit
  • Works within employment legislation and guidelines; no cultural bias
  • Job profiles and interview guides are complimentary system features
  • Job evaluation process creates consensus between the key stakeholders of the role, and their opinion of the ideal or critical competencies for success in the role


  • Comparing a candidate to role requirements for “Goodness of Fit”
  • Assessing candidates’ performance gaps and their implications
  • Focusing interviews on key behavioral competencies to increase objectivity¬†
  • Aligning training and development with Job Profiles
  • Developing employees currently in the role
  • Assessing employees for future roles
  • Identifying high potentials and successors for any role
  • Updating internal job descriptions to more clearly articulate the behavioral role requirements
  • Quantifying and measuring core competencies or role specific competencies

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