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The WOW is a passion for delivering service excellence to our clients/customers.

Who is a client?

  • “Anyone who depends on you to get their needs met”

  • Clients may be external or internal

  • If you are not serving the customer directly, you are serving someone who is

Thomas Expectations for Service Excellence:

Step 1: Acknowledge our client

  • Say hello right away

  • Give the client your full attention

  • Treat every customer with extreme importance

  • Create a positive personal image

Step 2: Understand our client’s perspective

  • Practice active listening by showing positive body language and asking questions to understand their needs

  • Demonstrate that you have heard by comments like: “I understand”. Also repeat back what you have heard and ask for clarification.

Step 3: Take Action

  • Decide how action will be taken

  • Consider ways to minimize disruption to the customer

  • Communicate: Who, What, How, When and How long

  • Communicate any special requirements

  • Follow-through on promises

Step 4: Follow-Up

  • Communicate status until completion

  • Check that customer needs were met

  • Co-ordinate further action

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