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Teams The Team Audit Report enables a team to align with the business, understand how the team works, the strengths and limitations and the roles each individual plays to optimize on the contribution of the various team members. The user has tools to quickly analyze a team and generate a very comprehensive report in minutes.

The Thomas Team tools and reports are available on your PPA Web System. There is an
assessment to analyze the Ideal Team Culture called Team Create. This is an optional feature and will produce an Ideal Team Culture Report. Then the user can build the Actual Team by selecting team members from the list of people in your system who already completed a PPA. As the graphs of team members are selected the system adds them to the list and builds a composite Actual Team Culture. The user can then generate a Team Culture Analysis Report


  • Complexity of team analysis available quickly, simply and in a comprehensive report
  • Optimize on team members' strengths/ role factors
  • Align a team with the Ideal Culture that will drive the strategy and business goals, and identify gaps to close
  • Diagnose team issues and resolve them effectively using DISC and role factor language
  • Understand the likely team dynamics quickly and set the team up for success
  • Anticipate potential team issues ahead of time
  • Enhance communication and respect between team members


  • Team Workshops: Data from report can be discussed and applied to align team
  • Team Diagnostic Report: As a stand-alone tool, the report can be debriefed by the user and used by leader and/ or team
  • Change, Mergers, Acquisitions: Understanding the leadership team to ensure alignmnent on purpose and future goals
  • Future or Project Team: Ensuring the right mix of team members with diverse behavioral styles to drive the team goals. Optimizing on individual strengths and working together effectively
  • Conflict Resolution: Diagnosing the causes of conflict on a team and building a resolution process that aligns with team behavior
  • Integrating a New Leader Quickly: Provide a new manager with powerful information and insights about the team to fast track their integration onto the team and quickly optimize on team members

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