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"The turnover at our call center is costing us millions of dollars. The revolving door scenario means we are in an endless cycle of recruiting and we have no time to focus on managing the business for future success!"

At Thomas International USA, we understand how you feel. Most call centers face the following challenges:

  • Managing schedules based on poor attendance issues

  • Competitors paying higher wages

  • Team leaders are newly promoted and have little people management experience

  • As service models become more complex, the on-boarding timeline increases while productivity decreases

  • Competition from international call centers has resulted in smaller profit margins and fewer resources

All of these issues can create costly turnover and result in a failure to meet client needs and expectations.Studies show that successful call center reps have some or all of the following qualities:
  • Enjoy supporting and helping others

  • Happy to remain at one workstation for long periods

  • Work at a step-by-step pace

  • Demonstrate adherence to rules and company policy

  • Cooperative and friendly while preserving high call volumes

  • Non-aggressive and counseling communication style

"How can I select more call center reps with these skills? Is there a call center talent management tool that can assist?"

Using the Thomas International Call Center Benchmark process you can identify the ideal call center job description for your business and understand the qualities that make your top performers successful. The process begins by gathering the opinions of team leaders, call center directors and HR. These opinions are gathered using a DISC-based call center job assessment. Current call center reps that are performing optimally in their roles are then assessed using a DISC-based personality test or behavioral assessment. The trends from the assessment are then combined with results from the call center job assessment. The outcome is a call center benchmark. This process is in compliance with EEOC guidelines and fits easily into your current process.

By establishing the call center benchmark you are able to measure potential candidates using our DISC-based pre-employment assessment. Once candidates are assessed you will know how well they fit your call center job description. Furthermore, situational interview questions can be developed from your job description. Team leaders can also use the call center job description to engage existing employees and accelerate the on-boarding process for new employees. The Thomas International Call Center Benchmark process can have a positive impact on frustrating turnover levels, increase team leader's effectiveness, and increase overall productivity.

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