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"The sales people I’m recruiting are not aligned with our business strategy and are not meeting their sales targets."

We understand how you feel when it comes to sales performance. The top 20% of a sales force sells 80% of the business and every sales manager is trying to clone the top 20% by understanding what they do differently compared to average and low performers.

Studies show that successful sales performers selling new business have some or all of the following qualities:

  • Enormous drive to succeed despite challenges

  • High energy and the ability to multi-task successfully

  • Ability to cope with a heavy mental workload

  • Ability to quickly engage their personality with others and build instant rapport

  • Strong independence and persistence to stick with the program until they succeed

  • Tackling the sales process with urgency

  • Good reasoning skills to be effective in complex sales

"How can we increase our sales performance to increase our sales? Do you have a sales performance management strategy?"

Thomas Job Benchmarking identifies the personality type, work style and mental aptitude of your sales force and those unique traits that differentiate your top performers who drive most of your sales revenue. Thomas Job Benchmarking is a proprietary process that evaluates the ideal job profile for sales success within your organization and provides a sales management strategy. By assessing future candidates against your sales benchmark you will understand how closely they fit your success profile, and the support and training they will need to perform at the level of your success profile. The current sales force can be assessed against your sales benchmark for talent management purposes and retention.

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